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Introducing: Sakura Cork and Matzu Tree

Timorous Beasties once again re-define the design parameters with a new pattern paradigm by abandoning the fine lines and detail with Sakura cork wallcovering and Matzu Tree in both linen union and superwide wallpaper.

No man sees wind, but Timorous Beasties’ Matzu Tree swirls, smudges and sponge-prints is perhaps the closest textile representation of wind harnessed as pattern and repeat, rolling through the geometric pine motif of one of our earliest and much-loved designs, Japanese Tree. Available in both linen union and superwide wallpaper.

Timorous Beasties’ Sakura pattern marks a break from their tradition of studied pen drawing that forms the groundwork of their surface designs. Impressionistic as their Sakura pattern may appear, it remains a printed process: free-style ink impressions using random objects, fingerprinting, sponges, then digitally choreographed into a dancing pattern of florals. Underscoring this abstract approach is the base on which Sakura is printed: a new cork wallpaper surface, a stressed texture that elevates the opulence of this sensual wallpaper.

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