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Introducing: Gerhard Gum and Moire Damask Wallpaper

In the order of things, it is now time for something new to herald the decade-enter Timorous Beasties’ Gerhard Gum and Moire Damask. We have shifted again, and returned from the wild palette and apparent bedlam to converse with the old and familiar repeats. And yet, in the era of digital craft there is no going back so we have a few twists and layers that playfully synthesises the hand-drawn and organic with the technological.

Our new Moire Damask foil wallcovering is a digital orchestra of hot-pressed moiré silk, overlaid with traditional pattern devices (acanthus, arabesque, Rococo, Rorschach-esque), overlaid again with geometric moiré. This heady synthesis creates a pattern-scape of shimmering beauty, a lustrous digital flow, a new damask dialect, a decorative theatre of pattern and repeat.

Available in three colourways, Moire Damask can be viewed and purchased here.

A new dimension in the Timorous Beasties Marble series, Gerhard Gum pays homage to the prophet of pigment, colour and pixel, Gerhard Richter, who dissolved the artistic/craftsman-like appearance of things to create something ‘technological, smooth and perfect.’ Like our Marble Gum, Gerhard Gum is a digital echo of distortions created by Richter when he dragged inks under a squeegee through the print screen. The innovation of a foil base for this techno wallpaper releases a vibrancy of colour and movement like no other.

Gerhard Gum can be ordered here.

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