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Shift Workspaces, Littleton

Shift Workspaces, embracing a boutique hotel and members-only philosophy with an edgy, yet luxurious twist as Colorado’s first hospitality-driven shared workspace provider. Masterminded by Clutch Design Studio.

Designed with the maximalist in mind, thoughtfully crafted materials, furniture, and art were carefully curated to allow the space to unfold and reveal itself to the guest the more they use it. A perfect blend of Timorous Beasties fabrics, cushions and wallpapers were used to compliment the design scheme; twisting the classical into something of mystique and intrigue. Including our Thistle Rug which makes an appearance in the cosy alcove of the main entranceway.

“The Totem Damask wallpaper instantly spoke to us as the thread to weave the space together. A story of jewel-like tones and whimsical sophistication became the bones of conference rooms and lounge spaces, while the Napoleon Bee, Birdbranch Stripe, Marble Gum, Spray Tag, Graffiti Horizon, Grande Coccinelle and Butterfly Blotch make their appearance on cushions throughout the space, their velvet softness dancing in perfect harmony..."  Kristen Tonsager, Head of Interior Design

Establishment: Shift Workspaces
Interior Design: Kristen Tonsager, Clutch Design Studio 
TB Representative: Town Studio 
Photography: JC Buck & Tatiana Alexandra

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