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Marla Aaron Jewelry Studio

We created a bespoke version of our Totem Damask wallpaper to adorn the walls of Marla Aaron's studio in New York.

Located in the heart of New York's Diamond District, the brief was to create a fun and bold design to work across a variety of areas within the studio. Our Totem Damask wallpaper worked perfectly for this, making a bold statement but also with intricate details when viewed up close. The wallpaper changes throughout the 10m roll, allowing it to be hung without a pattern repeat and adding to the eclectic feel in the showroom, office and hallway. Fruit Looters Fabric in Gulls Eye was used for drapes and upholstery to provide contrast.

We used Marla's signature lock design as the starting point for the bespoke element of the design. This style is instantly synonymous with the Marla Aaron brand and is the original concept of the whole collection. Inspired by this, a heart and oval lock were drawn interwoven and hand printed onto the wallpaper in black and gold ink. 

All photography by Margeaux Walter.

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