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Design with Depth: Oceana Collection

Timorous Beasties Oceana collection plunged into a world of marine motifs, to surface with new designs in the collection swimming with three decades of design archive. 

The depths of the ocean are explored in two new jellyfish wallpapers- available as a panel or as a linear repeat. Printed onto a brand new ground, a blue foil base provides an iridescent allure which draws you in to the deep.

The Oceana collection is also enhanced by the inclusion of linen union fabrics. Ranging from the delicate flotsam to the dark depths. Invoking a marine garden of colour, swirling up from the deep in decorative column repeats of finely detailed ocean flora, Seaweed Column provides a sense of drama, while Fine Seaweed echoes shallow water vignettes, scintillating in the ebb and flow of seaweed patten and repeat.

Going deeper, Eel Colonnade shows a darker side, eerily creeping across a side-side repeat. Seaweed and Shell plants little vibrant treasure chests of marine flora and fauna.

All the new Oceana designs are launching at Decorex 2021 and can be found on the Fabric and Wallpaper pages of our website.

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