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Introducing: Stucco Collection

Timorous Beasties unveil Stucco, a distinctive new collection of fabrics and wallpapers, featuring an unexpected colour palette, combined with natural and woven fabrics, using a mix of hand and digital printing techniques.  

The starting point for Stucco was a tongue in cheek take on Le Corbusier’s declaration on ‘The Law of Ripolin’ in which the famous architect declared that whitewashed walls had a spiritual and moral cleansing power.

Paul Simmons, Co-Founder of Timorous Beasties comments; 

We imagined a new beginning, where all around us, pattern on pattern clutters our minds, and this oversaturation becomes overwhelming. We envisioned moving into a new house and painting and decorating everything in white, but this time, to Le Corbusier’s horror, we would use ornate plasterwork and damasks as a reference and paint and print over everything with thick opaque ink. Wallpapers become covered, only leaving parts of patterns seen, the paint begins to crack and split, so that only sections manage to peek through.

Coving Row Wallpaper, Cornice Crown Wallpaper and Acanthus Leaf Wallpaper

Hand printed wallpapers feature patterns taken from the ornamental decoration that is often found in the plaster work on the ceilings of Victorian apartments. The details are a nod to tradition, but the white and clean muted colours add a contemporary feel to contrast the Victorian motifs.

Stucco Allover Jacquard Fabric, Paint Crackle Jaquard Fabric, Coving Row Fabric and Stucco Stripe Fabric

The handprinted wallpapers are complemented by handprinted and woven fabrics. Introducing two new jacquard fabrics, Stucco Allover and Paint Crackle, allows the density and detail of the line drawing to add texture and depth. Adding a lightness to the collection is Tudor Rose Lace, a delicate lace featuring a bold repeat, woven in the only remaining patterned Nottingham lace mill left in the UK.

Emulsion Imagination Wallpaper, Whitewash Rose Wallpaper and Painted Pugin Wallpaper

Enhancing the collection is a number of digitally printed wallpapers, where sections of patterns peek through, creating layers and depth to designs.

Alistair McAuley, Co-Founder of Timorous Beasties comments; 

At the very heart of our studio is an enduring passion and reverence for print and textiles guided by a drive for experimentation and long-held desire for creating the very finest quality products. We have always sought to do and make things our own, and to try and push ourselves and the boundaries of what we do. Our new Stucco Collection is no exception, implementing innovative production techniques and materials.

The collection will be added to throughout 2024 with a range of complimentary accessories.

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