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Introducing: Epic Botanic and Jungle Tangle Wallpaper

Elegant new wallcoverings embody Timorous Beasties unique mastery of pattern and inspirational signature style.

When creating the wallpapers, Timorous Beasties were inspired by the printmaking technique, 'Intaglio', in which images are produced by engraving into the printing plate - the incised line holds the ink and creates the designs.

Of the new wallpapers, TB Director and Co-Founder Paul Simmons says,

‘The starting point of the designs was drawing. Drawing has always been one of our main preoccupations, we feel it’s a definite part of our DNA. I also looked at old engravings and what we call intaglio prints of yesteryear, and the qualities that they bring. The old engravings that I was particularly interested in were found in antique books, especially the work of Maria Sybillia Merian the entomologist, naturalist and scientific illustrator.’

Epic Botanic in Aventurine and Terra Calda

Epic Botanic takes its influence from old botanical engravings, re-envisaged at a very large scale. The design features oversized dramatic floral motifs elegantly intertwined to create a bold, rhythmic pattern and luxurious aesthetic. The design is available in three impactful, rich colourways.

Jungle Tangle in Warm Russet and Blanched Rhubarb

Jungle Tangle consists of intricate linework and delicate floral motifs beautifully illustrated to create a sophisticated design. When looking at the wallcovering from a distance it is intended to look like a texture, but on closer inspection you can see the tropical plants that appear tangled within the drawing. The detailed linear all over repeat is available eight statement colours.

Jungle Tangle in Muted Matcha and Marazine Blue

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