Fabric of Nature.jpg


The People's Money

Client : Royal Bank of Scotland

Date : May 2016

Timorous Beasties were invited to work alongside a selected group of Scottish design workshops including O Street, Graven Images and Stuco and were led by service design consultancy Nile to produce 'The Fabric of Nature': a new series of polymer banknotes for the Royal Bank of Scotland.

The project engaged the public through a series of workshops and surveys to choose a design concept rather than focusing on individual elements of the design, settling on more ordinary aspects of Scottish identity including otters, midges, mackerel and tweed.

The knowledge of 34 experts and specialist contributors from the worlds of botany, poetry, weaving and beyond was also utilised to help develop the designs in the chosen theme.

The £5 note, due for release at the end of 2016, features Scottish author Nan Shepherd with mackerel and an excerpt from Sorley MacLean's poem 'The Choice' on the reverse. The £10 note, due for release twelve months later, features scientist Mary Somerville with otters and an exerpt from Norman MacCaig's poem 'Moorings'.