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'W is for Wallpaper' Exhibition, 2015

'W is for Wallpaper' exhibition kicked off this weekend at Ruthin Craft Center and Timorous Beasties were invited to exhibit alongside 23 leading designers to explore and celebrate the hand printed techniques of wallpaper production.

Showcasing the most exciting designers and makers across the UK, the show champions a return to this better quality of wallpaper production.

Timorous Beasties highlighted our Omni Splatt wallpaper in the exhibition - There is a pleasant irony in creating beauty out of something thought of as nasty. While blotches, smears and splatters are perceived as faults, something disordered, Timorous Beasties shift perspective by re-contextualising the blunder as image, revealing its inherent beauty. 

The exhibtion conitnues until the end of November 2015 and we would highly recomend a vist. 

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