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Radisson Blu Glasgow

One of Glasgow’s most prominent lifestyle hotels, Radisson Blu, used Matzu Tree Wallpaper on a bespoke ground wallpaper for its boutique-style bedrooms.

The Matzu Tree design, developed in 2021, is a departure from TB's signature hand-drawn approach to decoration. Freestyle swirls and smudges evoke the wind blowing through Scotland’s lush forests, which is rendered by overlaying its much-loved Japanese Tree print onto the abstract background.

As part of the large-scale investment in the hotel, Radisson Blu Glasgow appointed renowned designer Marie Soliman, founder of revered Bergman Design House in London, to develop a design which reflects the luxurious offering of the hotel.

She comments;

This is exactly what we envisioned with the new design – spaces and artwork which started conversations, took all the rugged beauty of Scotland, rain included, and transformed it into a truly desirable lifestyle hotel.

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