31, March 2017

One Foot Taller at Timorous Beasties


Timorous Beasties have known Katty, or rather One Foot Taller, since the late nineties and have collaborated on a few interior projects over the years.

We did a joint show together back in 2001 at “Art in the Square” in George Square, Glasgow called “Home Alone”, combining our work with theirs in one big interior.

We had consulted with Katty over aspects of the development of the Shed just to get another viewpoint on the progression of the interior as we clearly value her thoughts.

Katty currently operates her business from France and was planning a visit to the UK to meet up with manufacturers, clients, retailers and other designers.  So we thought it would be fitting to have her do a wee show in the Shed to get all these people together at the end of her weeks trip.

At least 60 turned up on a miserable wet Friday evening, an encouraging show of support and a great way to see how The Shed operates.

Her elegant and simple designs worked very well with our patterns as a backdrop and created a gentle and softening change in the space.  It was great to see our products work well with other pieces.

We will, from time to time, have nights like this to promote companies or individuals that we admire, it’s good for them and its good for us.