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New York Toile Launch Event

In 2004 we unveiled our critically acclaimed Glasgow Toile. London and Edinburgh toile patterns followed and now, we present the fourth, and perhaps our most dramatic toile pattern in the collection, the New York Toile.

“What we love about toiles is that they are traditional designs that have stood the test of time. All we have really done is re-interpret them so that they speak to us more directly in the present.”

(Paul Simmons, Timorous Beasties)

Almost exclusively rural in setting, mid- to late-18th century toiles broadcast imagery of diverse subjects and scenes – bucolic idealism, moral abandon, and even contemporary warfare. By reversing the pastoral context, we have transformed the traditional toile device to create an exclusively modern urban genre with a balance of architectural, human, and floral pattern repeats.

The New York Toile will be launched on the 13th September 2012 at the Ted Boerner Showroom in New York.

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