02, May 2017

Superfollies, Milan Design Week 2017


During Milan Design Week The Missing Ocean Chair was unveiled part of Superfollies, Salone del Milan.  This chair was a collaboration project between Nobody&Co, Chloe Patience and ourselves.

Nobody&Co approached us last year about their initial concept – ‘Imagine dipping a chair into the ocean floor and pulling it out with all the sea life still attached.  

Paul took on this project and drew up a number of drawings focusing on a variety of sea life for example sea urchins, jellyfish, seaweed, coral, prawns, starfish.  These drawings were then printed onto fabric for Chloe Patience to embroider on top of.

The end result was a unique chair with elaborate detailing which was one of many items displayed part of Superfollies. Massive congratulations to Nobody&Co who won the Unicorn Award at The Milan Design Awards for Superfollies in the Giardino delle Arti.