20, January 2020

New Oceana Collection launches at Paris Deco Off 2020

Marine Colonade White Design.JPG

We launched our eagerly anticipated Oceana Collection at Paris Deco Off (16–20 January 2020 – 25 Rue de l’Echaudé, 75006, Paris). 

This year marks Timorous Beasties’ 30th anniversary, and The Oceana Collection represents a new flow of pattern and repeat that also references the brand’s iconic archives.

A celebration of marine magnificence, the Oceana collection includes coral abstracts on cork wallpapers, eels snaking across modal velvet cushions and the meticulous detail of seaweed columns, crustacea and fish on a new super-wide wallpaper with a unique velvet-like texture.

“We have always been amazed by the depth of beauty to be found within our seas and we hope that this collection can illuminate its splendour. This is the first time we have ever launched an entire collection with a variety of designs within it, and this in itself pays testament to the vast spectrum of brilliance that can be found beneath the waves. For example, our ‘Seashell Tangle’ design is baroque in style and is actually inspired by the magnificence of the imperfections of baroque pearls; with their delicate opulence, despite their uneven and non-symmetrical shape”.  Paul Simmons, TB

The collection includes six wallpaper designs: Coral Cork, Coral Blotch, Crab & Lobster, Eels, Seaweed Column and Seaweed & Shell. There are also three exquisite designs printed on linen fabrics; Crab & Lobster impressed on a generously textured and tactile material, as well as Seaweed Column and Seaweed Tangle applied to sheer linen in a wider proposition to emphasise a larger and more intricate design.

The Oceana collection also offers four cushion designs – Eel, Crab, Crustacean Row and Lobster – in four colourways (Sage, Salmon, Grey and Blue).