18, April 2012

Vintage Treasures

Timorous Beasties

For customers seeking a truly, unique item that cannot be found on the High Street, our restored furniture pieces are well worth a look.

“I started this project really as an excuse to keep going to auctions, because I’ve no more room left in my own house,” Paul Simmons, Designer/Company Owner.

Quirky finds are transformed at the Timorous Beasties Studio and re-upholstered with Timorous Beasties fabrics.  Often, as is the case with this current footstool, they are upholstered with custom, hand-printed fabrics.  Pieces vary from week to week and have included a beautiful chaise lounges and a restored Edwardian screen as well as armchairs, dining room chairs and stools.   These one-of-a-kind pieces can be bought from the Timorous Beasties stores in Glasgow and London.